Rue14 Studios is a creative space to explore the arts using theatrical techniques and practices as a guide. 

Our educational program is for young people between the ages of 3½ and 17. Our school operates all year round from Monday - Saturday split into groups by age, students gain confidence, self-esteem and learn to express themselves creatively. These benefits, acquired while learning the skills of performance don't disappear when children grow up. We use the base of theatre and art training as a foundation to enhance a child's ability to learn, create and imagine.

Our Vision

Our vision is to use Theatre and Arts training as a foundation to enhance children’s ability to learn and imagine. Not only will they be working on stage, they will work on acting for the camera, directing, scriptwriting  as well as empowerment and self-improvement programs. Our long-term vision is to have a purpose built location for all forms of Performing Arts including an amazing amphitheater, green room and production studio. We would like to see a world where students have the backing of the arts as a way of engaging the world.

Our Mission

It is our mission to develop the next generation to be active citizens who are cable of exercising initiative as they develop responsible and creative solutions to the world’s problems. We want to create a space that encourages personal growth in order to unlock the unlimited potential of each individual.